About Us

The T9 Nsk service project for transgender people was launched in January 2015. However, special events on trans* topics (watching films, psychological counseling and social support, informational seminars on gender identity, etc) have been conducted within the scope of the PULSAR-Novosibirsk project since 2009.

Project goal: to improve transgendered people’s quality of life.

The idea of such a service project arose in 2009, when transgender people and their close ones started attending meetings. Today the project’s workgroup consists of 8 people. The first meeting of the project took place on 17 January 2015.

Services provided by the T9 Nsk project:

Directions of our work:

  • Advocacy work (promotion of the rights of the trans community at different levels)
  • Community support (psychological assistance and support groups)
  • Developing the capacity of the trans community (events and advice on trans-activism, the development of service peer, etc.)
  • Services and activities on reproductive and sexual health (health-saving technologies, coordinating services and HIV prevention)

A few of our achievements:

  • Created a brochure for transgender people “T*voya zhizn (your life)” (together with project “LAVERNA”, Omsk);
  • Created a database of friendly medical specialists for transgender people and conduct informational work with the doctors;
  • Conducted two training seminars for psychologists out of 10 on the features of gender identity of Russia and Kazakhstan
  • More than 30 meetings of support groups, rendered more than 50 psychological counseling, over 20 consultations “peer to peer”.

Contact us: t9nskproject@gmail.com